giovedì 8 ottobre 2009

:a monster cooking game

While Steamdance is under playtest, and I'm waiting to have enough data to prepare a more complete manuscript, I'm writing down some game ideas I've been having lately. I'd like to talk about one of them.
I'll call the project "Monster Cooking" for now, just to have a name to refer to. It's a game about warrior cooks who hunt rare monster in order to cook their meat in the perfect way and become the most famous chef in the Empire.
The main source of inspiration comes from Monster Hunter, a splendid game by Capcom. Another one was actually a phrase in Eero Tuovinen's Solar System, where he was speaking about the importance of abilities that are in harmony with theme and setting of the game, so for instance, in a campaign where cooking is significant, an ability like "cooking" would be appropriate in a character sheet. And... "wait... what? Wow... why not??"
Hence the idea of creating a game centered on that.
Imagine a fantasy world where legendary, rare and magnificent monsters roam the land, and the warrior-cooks who hunt for them and cook their rare, exquisite meat in order to prepare the perfect dish and gain fame and glory as the best cook in the Empire!
Vegetarians, please avoid playing this game.

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