giovedì 10 dicembre 2009

:Silence, work in progress

I apologize to my two readers for the recent silence.
Seems like by enriching the character sheet with resources and eliminating the figure of the game moderator, I managed to make Steam Dance much more playable than before. I'm still adding and modifying stuff, but the recent playtest session was very encouraging.
I must be honest, the previous playtests hadn't been as positive as I hoped, and I had kind of lost my faith in this endeavor, but now it's back and enriched, so I'll be working on the game and playtesting it as often as possible.
I'll be working on something that really does look like a beta (the previous releases didn't even deserve being called that way) and playtest it toroughly before publishing it. I'll also keep my other projects for the future for now, until I get some cool idea for the crunch.
Anyways, I say! The Gamist CA is really demanding. Kudos to John Harper who managed to make such a cool game as Agon is...
Will get back at you soon!

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